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Hello dear guest!

I'm happy to introduce myself through my Art. 

My artistic pseudonym is MASKO 7, that is taken from my original last name Masko and number 7, that has been a lucky number through all of my life. My full name is Evgenii Masko and I'm an Abstract artist, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. 

In 2012 I graduated from the School of Contemporary Fine Arts (Kiev, Ukraine).  Since that time I have had many exhibitions of my art works in Ukraine, UK (London), UAE (Dubai) and The USA (CA, FL).  In 2017 my paintings were part of the Miami Art Basel Week in Miami, FL. 

Why Abstract Art?

If you want to say the real verity, than you didn't need any words. If you want to show the truth - you didn't need any usual forms. That's my vision and you are very welcome to touch my Art. But try to connect with it not just with your eyes, but first of all - with your soul!

To purchase any of my art work that is available - just contact me via email, you can find in the «Contacts”.