“MOMENTS”, 2015

Life is made of moments "here and now", constantly replacing each other. Each new instant something's happening: events, emotions, transformations. The “Moments” collection is created to recall the value of all the moments happening to us. Every minute we are experiencing a variety of feelings and emotions: joy, sadness, love, disappointment, happiness. Living through them totally, without any resistance, we allow the transition to enter our life, making it much brighter. Until all the shades into one and living in the moment, we become wholesome and harmonious. This allows us to hear our true desires, and through staying at this "here and now" need in creating appears: creating colors, shapes, love, family, and, of course, life itself.

The collection of “Moments” was created after my trip to Nepal, where I experienced the strongest earthquake in my life ever. After that I realized the value of my life. I was born again, as a personality.

Pieces from this collection had traveled around the world for the last 3 years. Many of them are sold. Some of them were presented in Dubai, London, Los Angeles and Miami.

Mediums: Acrylic on Canvas
Sizes: 100x100cm / 39x39inch